FRF Risk Management Group (“FRF)” is a privately owned Risk Management Company providing services in Europe, Africa and Asia. Established in 2011, FRF is one of the leading high-end Security Risk Management Services providers and has extensive experience operating in risk-areas around the world. FRF also offers a full range of information gathering, assessment & analysis, planning, and training services.

FRF’s service portfolio is designed to form a comprehensive Risk Management Service enabling clients to focus on their core business. Our aim is to become the best Service provider in the world. We stand out as the neutral service provider with our Finnish roots, always delivering with quality. Our Service process has been tested on many occasions. FRF is a member of ICoCA – we meet also several internationally recognized standards such as ISO 18788.

We are proud of our personnel, who have been with us for a long time, working in numerous high-risk areas around the world. FRF continuously invests in personnel and their training. The core of our personnel comes from the Finnish Special Operations community and have a good educational background, which is key in serving our Clients.


Our Values are based on the Finnish system of values, which reflect our way of working.


  • A hand picked expert team as basis for sustainability and capability to respond efficiently to arising security issues
  • Careful information gathering, preparation and planning to ensure the effectiveness of our operations


  • A recognized feature of all our activities
  • Maintaining a low profile is often the key to successful security business


  • Ability to assess situations comprehensively, with cool professionalism and culturally sound judgement
  • Activities are always in line with international law, Code of Conduct and local jurisdiction


Our core team comprises highly experienced individuals with a variety of backgrounds including military, police, private security, business, law and medicine.


This experience enables us to understand our clients’ needs and to provide them with suitable solutions for every occasion. FRF also maintains a personnel pool of carefully selected individuals with typically a military or police background from Special Operations or Intelligence Units.

All our employees are hand-picked and have operational experience from various conflict areas around the world. Our employees are fully vetted and security cleared.