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FRF offers a comprehensive risk management service enabling clients to focus on their core business. We stand out as an ethical service provider with intelligent services which always deliver quality. Throughout its history, FRF has derived significant benefits from its roots in Finland, a country perceived positively around the world. Still, more importantly, FRF differentiates itself by the quality and professionalism of its staff, who are accustomed to supporting sensitive diplomatic missions, understand clients’ objectives, and will always carry out their duties with both discretion and the highest professionalism and etiquette. Our Finnish roots also help us provide highly discreet services in the field as well as facilitate liaison and collaboration with locals. FRF is a certified member of ICoCA, and we also meet several internationally recognized standards, including ISO 18788, ISO9001, and ANSI/ASIS PSC.1.

Our Story

FRF’s founders first grew an interest towards special situations security in the Finnish paratroopers’ unit. After successful careers in special forces and business, the founders shared a vision on how to enable Nordic organisations to pursue their goals in emerging markets. To this end, they started the first international security risk management company in Finland in 2011.


The mission was clear – to become the best in the industry by humbly serving clients and listening to their needs. FRF’s first clients included an oil company, a globally active NGO and diplomats from various European countries.

FRF’s focus has always been on having the best talent on board and continuously training our personnel to make sure our clients get the high-quality service they deserve. The core of our personnel comes from the Finnish special operations community with solid educational backgrounds, which is key in serving our clients. We take pride in the competence and dedication of our personnel, who have been with us for a long time and worked successfully in numerous high-risk areas around the world.

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