Our advisory services aim to provide you with critical information to support your decision-making and planning.

Security plans, policies and protocols

We are experienced in designing comprehensive Company Security Policies and Plans for our clients. We have also designed Travel Security protocols for several global clients which aim to provide a secure framework for global business travel.

Well-designed, realistic security plans and policies are the cornerstone of successful security operations on ground and a key part of any global organization ́s ”Duty of Care” for employees.

Risk Reports and Assessment

Ranging from Country Risk reports to project –related Risk Assessments, FRF can provide you with actionable and responsive intelligence that will support you in your planning and decision-making.

Our reports come with concrete recommendations and suggestions including security – related budgetary lines – based on the reality on ground.

This will save you time and money when staring operations in new markets.

Security Reviews and Audits

We are experienced in auditing and reviewing Client security measures and protocols. In many cases it is hugely beneficial to have a third party view of the arrangements in place.

An unbiased auditor can make a truly objective assessment and produce beneficial recommendations for improvement. In many cases our consultants have made a huge impact in the overall security of the Client project.

Background Checks and Investigations

Our consultants can deploy anywhere in the world to make sure your business-partners, subcontractors and employees are reliable and suitable for their position.

Our investigations and reports will also give you assurance with your endeavors and assist you to reach your goals for company compliance.