Organizations operating globally can face a variety of risks which may affect employees, assets, business operations and the reputation. FRF provides various solutions to mitigate these risks. We have extensive experience form the worlds most hazardous areas, ranging from Life Camps in Africa and Embassies in South Asia to Supertankers operating on the high seas.

Security Risk Management

FRF can take responsibility for any, and all aspects of your security needs, anywhere in the world, from specific tasks to fully integrated security programs.

FRF can source extremely qualified personnel to suit your most demanding needs.

Protection of Personnel

FRF utilizes experienced Close Protection trained operatives who provide advisory and personal protection.

Our philosophy is proactive risk management. By comprehensive intelligence gathering, planning and preparations and constant monitoring, our consultants aim to avoid and deter the possible threats in advance.

Protection of Sites, Infrastructure and Logistics

Wherever you need to operate, FRF will provide you with comprehensive solutions to protect your assets.

Our turn-key solutions include planning, personnel, technical solutions, protocols and the design of physical security measures.

We usually utilize vetted and audited local partners to ensure local engagement and –knowledge.


Our pathfinding services have enabled various organizations to start successful business operations in emerging markets and even in various high-risk areas.

Our consultants will deploy to the area of interest and utilize our substantial global contact network to obtain mission critical information, establishing frameworks our Client can utilize when starting operations in a new region.

This will minimize the risks and provide you with a secure platform to grow you operations.