Stemming from years of experience in international operations, FRF understands the importance of having adequate services to support the operations. We also give immense value to training. Based on these experiences and our customers needs we have built our support services to include:

Security Trainings

FRF develops training policies and conducts a wide range of training courses for Government Agencies, Private Companies and NGO’s.

We train clients to implement preventive security measures, recognize security threats, react if confronted with danger and operate after a crisis has occurred.

Our courses include:

  • Hostile Environment Training (HET)
  • Travel Security Training
  • Emergency Medical Training
  • Close Protection Training

Crisis Management

Our knowledge and experience from handling various crisis situations can be a huge asset to our clients when facing different crisis. From simple medical incidents to extortion or even kidnap for ransom, we can assist and support you.

Our consultants will deploy on a short notice to help you establish your Crisis Management Team, support you with decision making and government liaison. We can also send specialists on site to investigate and provide information.

Medical Services

FRF has substantial experience from remote medical incident response.

Our specialists can assist you with designing your own medical response chain and evacuation plans.

When needed, our medical personnel can also be deployed to support you throughout your project.