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Environmental, social and governance due dilligence.

In today's business world, issues like child labor, carbon emissions, tax fairness, and corruption entail complex and costly risks. At the same time, managing these risks can be an opportunity to gain a competitive edge by doing things differently.

The way a company handles environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues can affect its long-term performance and valuation.

FRF offers ESG due diligence services in hard-to-reach post-conflict, fragile, and high-risk environments around the world.

ESG Services

How we can help

FRF due diligence professionals can provide the following services for your business:


  • Comprehensive assessment of the business ESG risks, liabilities, and opportunities in high-risk environments all over the world

  • Assessment of compliance with national regulations and international treaties

  • Comprehensive risk and impact assessments of customers' ESG exposure

  • Country/project risk and impact assessments

  • Evidence gathering, interviewing, forensic accounting, and expert witness services, drawing from a history of investigative work in areas including human rights, labour rights, security, discrimination, andworkplace harassment.

  • Protecting stakeholders interests everywhere - even in fragile and remote countries

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