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Our Services.

Advisory Services

We are experienced in designing comprehensive company security policies and plans for our clients. We have also designed travel security protocols for several global clients which aim to provide a secure framework for global business travel.

Well-designed, realistic security plans and policies are the cornerstone of successful security operations on the ground as well as a key part of the  ”Duty of Care” to employees of any global organisation. Read more


Secure by Design

Implementing a safe and secure strategy at the initial conceptual design phase of a project is of paramount importance. Our team of consultants and subject matter experts works with developers, urban planners, and engineers to analyse potential threats and risks to a development may face. Using this information, we are able to develop security countermeasures, processes, and procedures to mitigate those threats and risks. Read more


Security Services

FRF can take care of any and all aspects of your security needs, anywhere in the world, from specific tasks to fully integrated security programs. Additionally, FRF can source extremely qualified personnel to suit your most demanding needs. Read more


Support Services

Stemming from years of experience in international operations, FRF understands the importance of having adequate support services and trained personnel in any operation. Based on this experience, our support services have been designed for easy tailoring to customer needs. Read more


Rapid Deployment Solutions

Securing vacant sites at short notice and monitoring outdoor spaces round the clock are real challenges. Our range of rapid deployment solutions are available quickly and on a temporary basis to provide a platform for 24/7 surveillance. Read more


Physical Security Red Teaming

Physical penetration testing provides real-world exploratory trials of the effectiveness of your company’s physical security measures in terms of protecting equipment, data, and personnel. After discussing your methods with a security consultant, your site will be inspected by our experts, who will carefully evaluate and note any vulnerabilities open to potential attackers. Read more

Let's Work Together

There are few things as rewarding as a successful collaboration that solves a challenge. Our team of professional consultants use their years of experience and knowledge to create lasting and rewarding relationships with our partners.

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