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Physical Security Red Teaming.

All facilities are vulnerable to physical security breaches.

Any businesses of any size can maintain state-of-the-art security devices, armed guards, and strong security policies – but none of that makes any difference when a person with bad intentions uses verbal deception or piggyback/tailgating techniques to access a facility. Once they have infiltrated a restricted area, intruders are free to do actions that can seriously disrupt business operations, ruin a company’s reputation, commit industrial espionage or harm individuals working at the facility.


The primary objectives of physical penetration tests include assessing the ability of current physical security controls to prevent intrusion by an unauthorised party and actually testing these controls to determine their efficacy. Physical penetration testers, known as a Red Team, are highly trained and experienced individuals who know how to infiltrate secure environments employing techniques used by skilled attackers. Leveraging the team’s in-depth understanding of targeting a company’s most critical security issues, Red Team members act and think like intruders by tailgating employees, attempting to enter secure facilities by talking to employees, circumventing alarms, or disabling cameras. Depending on the security measures in use, other methods may also be used to test how access can be gained to the facility.

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