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Rapid deployment technical solutions.

The security of a site is also vital to preventing any damage or loss of equipment and materials as well as any mishaps that involving structural failure or fatal incidents.

  • Quick and hassle-free installation in inconvenient environments where electricity and wired networks are not available

  • Reduced the probability of criminal activities on site suc, including attack, theft, and vandalism

  • Video Analytic function – (VA or NVR, optional) to alert of trespassers on the construction site area

  • Status-monitoring app for real-time monitoring of on-site security

  • Reduced security manpower requirements on site

  • The Rapid Deployment Unit solution for additional surveillance in areas where local security guards may lack the necessary physical competence 

  • Fostering fellowship between site employees to prioritise safety, through e.g. recordings of on-site incidents to determine possible causes

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